Carré band

There’s nothing “square” about Carré. Despite their band name meaning “square” in French, there is aboslultey nothing “square” about these fierce Los Angeles-based industrial rockers. Originally from France, the trio has shared today a first-listen of their debut EP. Pulsating with ferocious electro-psych flavor and an industrial techno vibe — the two drummers and guitar synth combo captivate with their self-titled debut.

Stream below Carré’s debut EP:

Fans of noise rock and beautiful chaos will appreciate the sounds created from Carré. Tracks like “Urgency” are full of head-banging complex and winding sonics; while the EPs opening track “This Is Not A Band” hypnotize while you hang on for robust ride of heady beat-ful twist, turns and drops.

“We try to recreate a dimension with our music where people can see what they need in it. It takes years to shape an identity, it takes every moment to break it.”
~ Carré

Carré’s self-titled EP is due out officially tomorrow, Friday, July 31. Visit Carré’s Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with new music and tour announcements.

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