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Orlando-based braveweather is back with a new single and video, sharing the combustive anthem “missing pieces,” the third to preview their upcoming release Stay Here out October 14 via Honey Pit. It’s a song that gets at the heart of that band’s attempt to voraciously present their innermost vulnerabilities. On “missing pieces,” that takes the form of lyrics that try to dispel the common illusions we have about other people’s lives — an explosive takedown of the belief that the grass really is always greener somewhere else.


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“Big smile, brave face / We’re not so lost, we’re gonna find our way,” they rage against the crash of frantic rumble of drums and glowing riffs. The track really splits the difference between the band’s indie-rock and emo leanings — from its yowled vocals to its thunderous breakdowns. Like previous singles “missing pieces” proves that braveweather is at its best when they’re channeling the high-octane energy of power-punk. Championing their self-doubt and darkest angsts with a never-draining reservoir of optimism.

The music video for “missing pieces” might just be a clip of them playing the song live, but it’s also a preview of the frenetic passion they bring to their performances. Standing there with images of what looks to be shadowy tree branches projected onto them, Christian Perez (vocals), Maria Jazel (guitar), and Tony Alicea (drums) hammer through the song’s brutal lows and ecstatic highs. Each one absolutely consumed by their own role in producing the various threads that make “missing pieces” so potent.

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“The message behind the song is that no one’s situation is perfect — a lot of ‘happy’ people are struggling — and they’re putting on a brave face, despite what might be missing in their life,” the band said of the single. “Everyone has their own cross to bear, demons to fight, situations that they may struggle with. This song is meant to empower those who are struggling and recognize how far we’ve come, regardless of our struggles.”

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Words by Steven Ward

Watch the video for braveweather’s new single “missing pieces” below!

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