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Jaws of Love (a.k.a. Kelcey Ayer of Local Natives) has announced Second Life, his follow-up to Tasha Sits Close to the Piano, with a music video for his new single “5 Years.” Although originally created as a means to filter out songs that didn’t quite fit his other project, it didn’t take long for Ayer to forge something distinctly his own. The slow-burning growths of “5 Years” is proof enough of that — buoyed as they are by his gushingly emotive lyricism and lush, piano-twinkling instrumentals.


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In “5 Years,” Ayer paints an anxious portrait of a life spent cut off from the one you love. Its opening dirge of bass and drums lays the foundation of the frantic melancholy that permeates throughout as he sings about dodging robocalls and trying to ignore the fact that “earthquake numbers on the rise now again.” Glitchy distortions burst here and there like flashes of rapturous static, blasting away the piano momentarily before it returns for one final soaring medley.

A picturesque surreality marriages doom and romance — a staple of Ayer’s songwriting and thus Local Natives’ as well — at the end of “5 Years.” With him lamenting that he doesn’t want to wait for the “big one” to call. And when it’s delivered via his gorgeous trill it near breaks your heart.

The music video for “5 Years,” directed by both Kelcey and Mel Ayer, really nails the buzzing anxiety and energy that the song transmits. Filmed across Los Angeles at 20 different escalators the video shows Ayer filmed by his wife as he goes up and down and up again at a menial pace — imagery that perfectly captures the cyclical melancholy that’s behind the song. Although the ending is perhaps more hopeful in that instead of ending with an unanswered plea, we actually see Ayer get off the escalator and return presumably home.

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Second Life the new album from Jaws of Love is out November 11.

Jaws of Love will also be playing a residency presented by Grimy Goods at the Silverlake Lounge in October — don’t miss it! Visit their website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words by Steven Ward

Watch the music video for the new single “5 Years” from Jaws of Love below!

Second Life tracklist
1. 1000 Years

2. Angelica

3. Guard & Prisoner

4. Rainbow Baby

5. Tarot Cards

6. Rachel Takes a Bath

7. Staple Gun

8. 5 Years

9. 100 Years

10. The Heist

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