Beyond LA: Cumulus Shares New Single “Teenage Plans” — New Album “Something Brighter” Out Oct. 21

Photo by Bradley Lockhart

Washington musician Cumulus (a.k.a. Alexandra Lockhart) has shared a new single “Teenage Plans” off her upcoming Something Brighter out on Friday, Oct. 21. It’s a song that hones in on whirlwind feeling that hits you when you finally feel the weight of years behind you, one not just tied to a nostalgia for the past but also time’s ceaselessly moving arrow. “Teenage Plans” is the third single Cumulus has shared of the new album and just like those previous releases she ensares the heart with her anthemic, folk-flecked songs.

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On “Teenage Plans” her songwriting flows from the narrative of her life up to that point. As such it’s as much a reflection on where Lockhart has been as it is of where she sees herself going — and throughout she carefully balances a bittersweetness with a hopeful awe. Whether it’s remembering those adolescent adventures or sitting in quiet reverence at the growth of her brother’s child. “Can you please slow it down? / It’s too much change to take,” she laments softly over the euphonious clamor of guitars and layered vocals.


And out of Cumulus’ radiant melodies and stirring words of remembrance she finds something to soothe the seemingly quickening pace of time. “When everything’s right the world moves too fast / I’m looking for a crack in the hourglass,” she coos while later she sings of keeping “one foot on the break” if it means savoring life’s good moments a little longer. Which is essentially the purpose of and outcome of Something Brighter, which began when she moved from Seattle back to her college town of Bellingham, the very place she began her journey as a singer/songwriter over a decade ago and resulted in the debut album I Never Meant It to Be Like This.


“I thought about my teenage years going to shows at the Department of Safety in Anacortes, the years I spent touring the country, the family that my brother was building, just the passing of time and how crazy it is,” Lockhart explained. “This song is summed up by the ridiculous truth that hard times feel like they stretch on forever, but when things start getting good- it can unfairly, already feel over. You have to really intentionally savor the beauty in front of you and try your best to live in those moments. It’s also just about gratitude for having such vibrant memories of diy music venues, teenage rebellion, a beautiful family, and people to love.”

Something Brighter the new album from Cumulus is out Oct. 21 via Share It Music. She will be having an album release show at The Fremont Abbey in Seattle, WA the same day.

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to the new song “Teenage Plans” from Cumulus below!

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