Dreamer Isioma

Dreamer Isioma is back with another track to make you swoon with the release of their new single and music video for “Dumb In Love With You,” they will also be playing The Regent in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Oct. 26. It was created by Isioma with the help of the band The Celestials! and the result is a sublime love song that enamors via the twang of its dreamy melody and the singer’s own soul-soothing vocals. It’s one of the many singles Isioma has released in the aftermath of Goodnight Dreamer and established them as one of the more exciting artists to release music this year.


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On “Dumb In Love With You,” Isioma accompanied by The Celestials! open with a woozy-swayer of a medley. From behind the cascade of meandering percussion and glowing instrumentals they profess their all-consuming love. “You can have my breath and half heart,” they sing of their undying devotion. “But tuck it away you have to guard it / Hold my fears I’ll hold yours.” But as the song reaches its finale the track goes from lush bedroom pop to a whining crescendo of riffs and thundering drums. A slick genre switch that tracks the full rapturous essence that gushes from “Dumb In Love With You.”

In the music video for “Dumb In Love With You,” directed by Jared Avalos and shot in both Alaska and Chicago, Isioma builds a mind-bending narrative to go along with the song. The video follows Princess Forever (Isioma) as they narrowly escape a dynamite explosion via a spaceship speeding off through a portal. On the other side, entering through a white doorway, the song kicks in as a montage of Princess traversing the planet Diaspora X starts to play. It’s here that they explore all the gorgeous, empty, and liminal spaces in nature. But the weight of loneliness starts to hang heavy as the video continues — with Isioma explaining that the song represents all the people Princess left behind on their mission — which pushes them to find a way back.

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See them at The Regent in Los Angeles on Oct. 26.

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Words by Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Dumb In Love With You” from Dreamer Isioma below!

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