Flash Amazonas
Photo by Guillermo Latorre

Flash Amazonas continue to preview their hotly anticipated new album uva-uva with the release of their latest single earlier this month “La Reina es un lagarto.” It’s the third taste the Colombian and Japanese art-rock duo — comprised of Julián Mayorga & Ryota Miyake — have shared coming hot on the heels of singles “Ululo” and “Panda.” Amidst Spanish-Japanese lyricism that winds into the very madcap depths of their mind-bending soundscapes, Flash Amazonas stage a kind of surreal lyrical theatre throughout each of their tracks.


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On “La Reina es un lagarto” they blend an era of conspiracy theories into a collage of hyperbolic wonder. Sprinkled right alongside the kinetics of Brazilian samba Flash Amazonas sing of everything, from the classics like reptilian creatures pulling the strings from the shadows to newer ones like the ever-swirling claims around vaccines. Blurring the line with its upbeat anthemics between anxiety and elation, truth and emotion, along the way.

Then there’s “Ululo” a rapid-fire runner that sees Flash Amazonas tackle political and corporate corruption, as well as the toxic run-off that seeps into the minds of the people. Rushing percussion and ecstatic howls rip through the track’s sonic veil as riffs distort themselves to nothingness. The music video for the “Ululo,” edited and directed by Mayorga and Marta Orozoco Villarrubia’s film collective Poetas Menores, adds a bit of a horror element to the whole corrosive exchange. Visualizing it as political leaders taking bribes and making deals with the devil and other demonic creatures.

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Be sure to check out the band’s first album Binary Birds and Other Rubbish Surreal Things to prepare yourself for their sophomore release!

Flash Amazonas’ new album uva-uva is out on October 28, 2022.

Visit Flash Amazonas on their Bandcamp and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words by Steven Ward

Listen to “Ululo” and “La Reina es un lagarto” the new singles from Flash Amazonas below!

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