Stream Carpetgarden’s New Single “da da song” — New EP “WTF is even going on?” Out Nov. 18


Carpetgarden, the pseudonym under which David Sweet creates radiant alt-pop, has shared another melancholic swooner with the release of “da da song.” It’s the third track to be shared from their upcoming EP WTF is even going on? out November 18 via House Anxiety, following singles “IDC” and “mold.” And just like with those tracks, on their latest carpetgarden once more strikes a sublime balance between the grim realities of life and the glimmering sheen of one’s imagination.

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Over glowing guitar tones and the spacey blips of lo-fi beats, carpetgarden pens a somber but gushing love song. “I’m falling for you / you’re always on my mind,” they coo repeatedly throughout, mingling in intimate sketches of a life made elated by sharing it with someone else. Which of course is what makes bearable the moments that Sweet is feeling less than great about themselves. But carpetgarden also doesn’t shy away from the tension such love can bring — “and I just hate / all of the things you say / when you don’t get ur way.” The way the track ends in this wave of cascading distortion, all the vocals and heady electronica buzzing into infinity, is a fitting description of the way love itself can be so arduous.


In the music video for “da da song,” directed by Erin S. Murray, carpetgarden find themselves strolling through the park picturesque with their ice-cream cone before stumbling upon an alien lover. Romance, picnics, and playground antics ensue as the song soundtracks the budding romance. Yet all the while they’re chased around by a distraught clown in full costume — possibly an ex of the purple alien? But things get really mind-bending the moment the new couple kiss, sending a swirling explosion of psychedelic animations that combine everyone involved, including that sad clown. Just when things start to get a little overwhelming alongside the track’s ending crescendo — carpetgarden wakes up from the dream alone in a darkened field.

“This song is a really gay love song for my partner,” carpetgarden explained. “I reference a lot of the little moments of my life that became more important once I had someone to share them with. My favorite part of the song is when it goes super distorted and almost overwhelmingly loud, just because falling in love can be overwhelming.”


WTF is even going on? the new EP from carpetgarden is out on Nov. 18 via House Anxiety, pre-order it here.

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Words by Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “da da song” the new single from carpetgarden below!

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