carpetgarden Releases a Be Yourself Power Anthem with New Single "IDC" and Announces Debut Show at the Echo
Photo credit: Danin Jacquay

Like a Freaks and Geeks musical rewrite for the modern era, L.A. based musician carpetgarden is using their musical platform to encourage and represent the misunderstood youth, often labeled as misfits, while sometimes making light of the pangs of adolescence and growing older to help ease the pain. Their new single, “IDC” is a rebel rousing indie pop laced tune set to the theme of self expression and not giving a damn about what others think.

The 21-year-old musician strikes a chord with anyone who feels as if they don’t fit in or is hiding a part of themselves they feel won’t be well received by their peers. “IDC” is in direct contrast to these feelings and encourages people to lean into whatever makes them who they are and to embrace themselves with love and inhibition.

“‘IDC’ is a really chaotic song about embracing identity and flaws and giving up in the most positive way,” notes carpetgarden. “Before I came out as trans, I was always hiding parts of myself so I blended in more to the people around me. Once I came out, I didn’t really have to ‘blend in’ anymore, since being trans is still an idea a lot of people turn their heads to. I’ve lost a lot of relationships with (very judgmental) friends and family because of my gender identity and sexuality. ‘IDC’ is really about that optimistic nihilism, and the sort of “release” to be yourself and find your community after the abandonment.”

Embodying a genre-less style, carpetgarden’s music is fun, catchy and highly imaginative. Paired with a tongue-in-cheek music video — a collaboration with photographer Danin Jacquay(Deathcats) — the song and visuals are a whimsical amalgam of classic coming of age cinematic themes with a non-binary twist.

carpetgarden will play their debut show on Dec. 2 at the Echo. Tickets are available now.

carpetgargen is the creation of singer-songwriter, David Sweet, whose music speaks directly to today’s youth, touching on many social concerns and topics.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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