Ahead of her next album Anarchist Gospel, due February next year, Nashville singer-songwriter Sunny War has released the first single and video, “No Reason.” True to her established folk-punk style, the song moves seamlessly through multiple genres as Sunny croons about moving past previous setbacks and conflicting sides of a being. Staying true to the lyrics’ opposing imagery of “You’re an angel, you’re a demon,” Sunny herself appears as both a priest and the Devil for a laidback riot of a song.

Unlike previous singles, “No Return” reaches outwards to other sources of inspiration. Sunny’s vocals, in particular, feel more prominently blues-inflicted with inspired backing harmonies for good measure, a stark contrast compared to her come-up as a punk artist.

The track’s centerpiece is Sunny on guitar, whose plucking of the strings both entrance and match the folk sound until catapulting into a punk-rock latter half that reminds us how hard to define her music can be. Luckily for her, she uses it to her advantage and demonstrates a unique ability to combine what might seem like opposing genres and make them her own.

The upcoming album Anarchist Gospel, produced by Andrija Tokic of Alabama Shakes fame, was announced alongside Sunny’s new home at New West Records. Considering “No Reason” is Sunny outright declaring herself as an artist with no boundaries, it’s safe to say the new record will most likely find her experimenting with sounds outside her wheelhouse. And if she can move from folk to punk with the flick of a switch, her upcoming effort should be nothing short of captivating.

Words: David Sosa

Watch the music video for “No Reason” below. You can also preorder Sunny War’s upcoming album via the New West Records website. Connect with Sunny on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.