Oddisee Pleas With You To “Try Again” On Gleaming New Single


Oddisee has shared a new single to tease his new album with the release of “Try Again,” the third track off To What End which is slated for release on Jan. 20 via the artist’s Outernote Label. It follows the release of previous singles “Ghetto to Meadow” (feat. Freeway) and “Hard To Tell,” two tracks that help define the upcoming album’s exploration of ambition as a driving force of human perseverance.


Oddisee’s latest song though hitches that idea to a gleaming, retro-soul soundscape that’s impossible to shake once you’re grooving to it. At the center of “Try Again” is a rather simple but incredibly essential plea: “Please don’t walk away / Try again.” One that’s set to a highly infectious beat and soulfully kinetic melody — a staple of Oddisee’s music that serves as this uplifting force right there alongside his hopeful lyrics. Between the riveting electrics of winding riffs and rapid drum machines “Try Again” tries to dismantle a black-and-white visualization of success.


“Underdog since when I use to run a blog,” Oddisee spits against the song’s spiraling sonics. Throughout the track, the producer-turned-rapper takes apart the myth that any failure is permanent. Instead, they urge you to hold onto everything you’ve done to get to such a point (“All this time you spent / All that love you gave”) and to keep pushing forward. If not for the sake of whatever it is you’re reaching for, then at the very least for yourself, it’s important to take your losses in stride.

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Make sure you give the two prior singles a listen as well. On “Ghetto To Meadow,” Oddisee digs into his own experiences and that of others in trying to rise out of the circumstances they were born into, mingling this old-school hip-hop with soul in the process. While “Hard To Tell” unfolds as this sprawling introspection is delivered over lush strings and a slick beat.

Oddisee’s new album To What End is out on Jan. 20 via Outernote Label.

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to the new single “Try Again” from Oddisee below!

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