Artists You Should Know: French Indie-Pop Artist BLOWSOM Releases “BLOWSOM & friends” EP

From Paris comes indie-pop peddler BLOWSOM who just released a new EP titled BLOWSOM & friends, as well as a new music video for one of the songs on it “Love! love! love!” And he arrives wielding the kind of upbeat lo-fi and luxuriously textured pop that is impossible to shake once it becomes an earworm. On his new EP he’s joined by three friends and fellow artists — from Australian songwriter/producer KESMAR to German singers Luke Noa and anaïs — who add their talents and voices to the buoyant sonic worlds that BLOWSOM lives within.


The very first song on the EP “Honey Pot” (feat. KESMAR) bursts with the technicolor rhythms and instrumentals that define BLOWSOM’s music. With its glimmering backing melodies (which sound like futuristic and sleek muzak) it’s an exuberant love song that gushes with vibrant affection. Then there’s “brain empty/heart fucked,” a jittery track that catches BLOWSOM — singing alongside Luke Noa — in the midst of heartbeak’s freefall.


But BLOWSOM can’t stay away for long from the invigorating fire of love. “Love! love! love!” is overflowing with such sentiments (“all i really wanna do is love you”) he sings alongside the ebullient vocals of anaïs. Together their voices are as much apart of the song’s jubilant melody — which starts out as this subdued but buoyantly bouncing rhythm — as the collection of increasingly sunny tones that make it up.

The music video for “Love! love! love!” directed by Cesar Tresca follows the song’s narrative of two friends falling in love without really voicing what’s happening between them, insteading focusing on things like their body language as they spend a day wandering the city together.

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BLOWSOM started playing guitar at the age of eight but — as his bio across websites informs with ambiguous peculiarity — his teacher was soon arrested after just four lessons. Though that didn’t stop him from pursuing music to become an artist who fully writes, records, produces, and mixes their own music. His first EP was Stand Out which was released in 2017, followed by Last Call (2018) and Colours (2020). So if you found yourself grooving to his latest EP it’s worth a listen to wander through his other releases as well!

Visit BLOWSOM on their Bandcamp, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words by Steven Ward

Listen to BLOWSOM & friends the new EP from BLOWSOM below!

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