Amaria Plans a “Get Away” on New Single and Music Video


After releasing her debut album Bittersweet last year, Los Angeles artist Amaria has returned with a new single and music video for “Get Away.” A sizzling slow-burner of a track about escaping with your beloved — whether it’s within an idyllic paradise or just to a quiet place of private intimacy. The new song also follows the release of her last single “All For You” (feat. DESTIN CONRAD), another lush envelopment into Amaria’s sunbaked R&B melodies.


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In “Get Away,” she imagines the ways in which she’d escape with (or help whisk away) her lover on a picturesque getaway. All the while radiating with solemnity and an ardent tenderness that her Amaria’s music is so often enriched by. Against the warmth of strolling percussion, dreamy instrumentals, and torridly groovy guitars her voice drips like super-heated honey into the ears.

“I’ll take you places that you’ll never known / I’m thinking we can get some time alone,” she coos delicately. “In your ember eyes I know you fantasize.” Her words and beguiling vocals stir up scenes and images of a passionate retreat and the allure of spending some quality alone time with their lover.


The music video for “Get Away,” directed by Amaria and Lew Good, captures all the sun-rayed beauty of the song. Opening on a grass hill by the coast bathed in golden light, the video follows as she sings against the backdrop of a sun-hazed coastal drive up what looks like the serene views of the Pacific Coast Highway.

Shot like a home video the movie permeates with a kind of luminous nostalgia that perfectly meshes with the song’s longing and earnest need to create the kind of memories that glow long after they’re experienced. The kind that can only be made by spending time with someone you’re so passionately enamored by.

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Words by Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Get Away” the new single from Amaria below!

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