Amaria Releases Sultry New Sing “All For You” featuring Destin Conrad


LA-based singer Amaria has released her newest single, “All For You,” featuring Destin Conrad on a tranquil slow jam flowing with sensual radiance. The track is permeating with emotional vulnerability as Amaria and Conrad lament patient love over an R&B-jazz fusion warm enough to burn velour. An accompanying music video co-directed by Amaria herself was also released, marking her first release of 2022 since dropping her debut album Bittersweet last year.

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The song begins with laid-back afrobeat subtleties, which feel more reminiscent of meditation music than they would for a neo-soul track. Still, to Amaria’s credit, she ties all the fusing reference points together through her soft and soothing voice. The lyrics themselves long for something serious after repeatedly rejecting love due to timing. “I think that now’s the perfect time, to come back, to come back,” she sanguinely sings on the chorus, not long before Destin Conrad joins in for what turns into a duet.


The Tampa, Florida native compliments Amaria vocally and in their trajectories, having released his own debut album last year. His feature serves as a more-than-worthy antidote to Amaria’s smooth vocals, proving he, too, is someone to look out for in the future. The two put their yearnings to rest as their vocals fuse just as well as the sum of the song’s parts.

You can find Amaria on her Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and SoundCloud to follow and see what she has in store.

Words: David Sosa

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