Destructo Gives the Past Some Futuristic Polish on “Future Funk” EP


Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Destructo gives the nostalgic past a futuristic spin on their new EP Future Funk. It’s the first new collection of music from the prolific collaborator and promotor of HARD festivals since their 2017 EP Renegade. Since the 90s he’s worked with a litany of iconic tastemakers from Basement Jaxx and Martin Garrix to rappers like Denzel Curry. Across four fiery tracks, they recreate a sleek and galvanizing ode to 80s nightclub music, blending heady electronica with decisively concussive funk.

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The opening track “Perfect Beat” is just that, an oscillating and hypnotic collection of beats that edges you closer and closer to the euphoria tucked within the rest of the album. Its coiling synths and glitchy electronics are hard to resist — recreating all the dizzying kineticism of a night spent losing oneself to such music in the dark.

On “You’re the One For Me,” Destructo enlists London’s TroyBoi on a spiraling chase of disco-scintillating melodies. The song also came with a music video directed by Alex “Grizz” Loucas that places the track’s soaring and chaotic melodies over a photoshoot session that quickly turns vibrantly neon.


Then there’s “F With Me,” a particularly funky track that sees Destructo call on the energizing vocals of Tima Dee and the spectacularly groovy duo Chromeo. It’s one of the standout tracks on an EP rife with ecstatic moments, a reminder that the DJ is at their most potent when they’re coalescing the talents of their collaborators.

On the EP’s final track “The Future Is Faster” that statement is truer than ever as Destructo brings together their Misingo project — created alongside house producer Doorly and duo Colour Castle — for a lightspeed racing anthem of warped disco.

“My dad ran a nightclub in New Orleans in the 80s called the Famous,” Destructo explained. “These tunes are a tribute to that era with a futuristic spin on it. I’m bringing the Funk back to House in 2023.”

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to Future Funk the new EP from Destructo below!

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