Ella Vos Gives a Vehement Rejection of Toxic Partners on New Single “Salty,” Third Album “SUPERGLUE” Out on Mar. 3

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Ella Vos has given another preview of her upcoming album SUPERGLUE with the release of “Salty” (feat. Tei Shi). It’s the fourth single the Los Angeles singer/songwriter has offered up from her third album, which promises to be a chronicling of emotional heft soundtracked by her gauzy pop ballads. With previously released tracks like “Glitter and Tears” and “Mindreader” traversing the sonic and emotionally momentous soundscapes that she creates.


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SUPERGLUE appears to flux between both the ecstatic highs and depthless lows that Vos has encountered. “Salty” encapsulates all the twisted manipulations and emotional exploitation that a toxic relationship is characterized by. Against the buoyant swells of electronica and Vos’ own assuaging vocals, she gets at the heart of being trapped in the cycle. “I don’t know why you bring me down,” she sings ethereally. “Diggin’ a hole and never getting out.”

Vos is joined on the track by Colombian-Canadian artist and producer Tei Shi who contributes a fiery verse to the song that drives home its passionate refusal to keep putting up with bullshit. “And I never would’ve trusted you / If I knew what I knew now,” she bites. “I’m not a bitch but Imma bout to be / Cos I don’t need that shit any longer.”


But “Salty” isn’t just a rallying cry against all the ways in which a toxic partner will attempt to gaslight their way into making someone co-dependent. With Vos tapping Tei Shi for the track she also wanted to send a message of unity between women — especially female artists — against such behavior. As a result, the song is also informed by the two artist’s own experiences with a culture that exacerbates conflict between women but fails to hold men accountable.

“‘Salty’ is an anthem for anyone who’s been in a toxic relationship,” Vos explained. “It’s inspired by me and Tei Shi’s music industry war stories, and about being fed up with women being pitted against each other. I was so honored to collaborate with Tei Shi on this; she absolutely delivers it on her verse!”

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SUPERGLUE the new album from Ella Vos is out on Mar. 3, pre-order it here.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Salty” (feat. Tei Shi) the new single from Ella Vos below!

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