Olya Sonica Shares a Timely Break-Up Anthem “Doing It Without You” for Valentine’s Day

Olya Sonica
Photo by David Harris

Los Angeles-based rocker Olya Sonica has shared a new single with the release of “Doing It Without You,” a break-up anthem explicitly curated for Valentine’s Day. This is the second single of her newly launched solo career — which she initiated with her debut single “High on Life,” prior to which she played coast to coast in support of various musicians. She continues to dazzle raucously with her newest release which also serves as a preview of her yet-unnamed but forthcoming debut album via Fan Girl Records. Olya Sonica will also be having a music video premiere at the Troubadour in West Hollywood tonight, Feb. 16 (as part of Fan Girl Cafe’s Galentines 90’s party) for the new single.


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Taking cues from classic icons of rock like Blondie, Garbage, and Joan Jett, the music of Olya Sonica runs rampant with similar breathless bombast. In “Doing It Without You,” she builds a bonfire out of molten riffs and crushing percussion upon which she sets alight all that’s left of a relationship that’s fallen apart. But this isn’t a song of mourning or heartbreak but rather a rhapsodic assertion that she has no intention of drowning in sorrow. Far from it — this is a track that makes an anthem out of a breakup.

“I’ve had enough / I am coming for my stuff,” she sings at the song’s beginning. “Being with you was rough / I need a break.” As the saying goes: when one door closes, another gets blown open via a virulent rock rager. As the title and chorus howl (“Doing it without you baby”) the track encourages an empowering perspective when it comes to ending a less-than-ideal relationship.


Armed with blistering guitars and her own electric wails, Olya Sonica plows forward fearlessly, wrapped up in a simple but powerful devotion to herself. “Doing It Without You” is a reminder to anyone who carries this shred of doubt that they can’t make it on their own — especially as a means to justify staying with a toxic partner. Olya Sonica offers a fiery alternative: revel in your newfound freedom.

“When you’re no longer with a person you love/built a life with you think you can’t do it without them. ‘Doing It Without You’ is an empowering mantra that helps you to move on, focus on your strength, find a new meaning and have fun along the way,” Olya Sonica explained. “We picked Valentine’s Day for the release to really emphasize the point of finding joy after heartbreak & the healing powers of self-love.”

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See Olya Sonica debut the music video for “Doing It Without You” at the Troubadour tonight, Feb. 16.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Doing It Without You” the new single from Olya Sonica below!

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