Artists You Should Know: Jayda G Celebrates Her Late Father With Eulogy of Jubilant Electronica on New Album “Guy,” Listen To Lead Single “Circle Back Around”

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GRAMMY-nominated writer, producer, and DJ Jayda G have revealed the imminent arrival of their sophomore album Guy, heralding the announcement with a new single and music video for “Circle Back Around.” Taking the title from the last name of her father William Richard Guy, who passed away when Jayda was only 10 years old, the album will delve into his life and the legacy he left behind for his family.

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Guy also promises to be submerged in the kind of exuberant electronica and multi-genre soundscapes that she’s become synonymous with curating. On “Circle Back Around,” Jayda’s iridescent vocals emerge from an oscillating sea of buoyant rhythm. As an array of bobbing beats and glimmering electro-tones torpedo in the background, she voices her father’s advice back to her. “It’s easy to shut down,” Jayda sings. “Took half the man in me / To find the whole truth out.”

From the hypnotic beats of house and disco to the soulful ambiance created by her R&B undercurrents — there’s very little music created by Jayda that’s not soaked in her vibrant energy. Across her debut album Significant Changes, she appears as a sublime manipulator of the electricity that binds her tracks, building soundscapes that either blitz or edge excitedly toward their goal to get you moving.


The music video for “Circle Back Around,” directed by David Ehrenreich, was shot in and around Jayda’s hometown of Grand Forks, British Columbia. It also features footage created by Guy while he was still alive, archival footage that shows tender moments between Jayda and her father that includes voiceovers of the man talking about his life. “What I do know is that I love you very much,” Guy can be heard telling Jayda as the track and video end. It’s a severely poignant but also moving tribute to the bonds between family and one that’s joyously celebrated across the track’s euphoric melody.

On Instagram, Jayda said of the album and single: “Some of you may know that my father passed away when I was 10 years old. He knew he was going to pass and decided to record the story of his life. He left 11hrs of footage behind for me and my family. Those recordings are the bedrock for this album.”

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Guy the new album from Jayda G is out on Jun. 9 via Ninja Tune, pre-order it here.

Visit Jayda G on their Bandcamp and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Circle Back Around” the new single from Jayda G below!

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