Polartropica Spins Another Electrifying Pop Anthem With “DO U WANNA PLAY”

Polartropica by Olivia Hemaratanatorn

Polartropica is back with more galactic dream pop with the release of their newest single “DO U WANNA PLAY,” another concussive banger from an artist that only ever seems to produce such rallying hits. They will also be hosting a Roller Space Disco at The Template in San Diego on Mar. 19 that will feature their own music and others. The arrival of their debut a few years ago only cemented them as a rising tastemaker in Los Angeles, where they’ve found a niche creating multi-genre but across-the-board bombastic pop. After headlining the 2020 Love Is Gay Fest and LA PRIDE’s Hollywood Main Stage, as well as the release of Dreams Come True, they didn’t slow down either. Releasing track after fiery track in the interim.


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On “DO U WANNA PLAY” they fuse their explosive presence to a volatile track devoted to hyping you the hell up. Against the heady crash of a drum machine and dizzying synth tones whizzing past your ears, Polartropica bites off their lyricism with an igneous smirk on their face. Describing the song as an anthem for a variety of topics and situations: your “hot crush rival, dream car-racing heist, competitive sports drama, glam wrestling match, or just playing video games with your best friend crew.”

Giddily savage is the gear Polartropica seems to enjoy driving in the most and it’s also what lends their tracks a potent energy. For all intents and purposes, they come out swinging on “DO U WANNA PLAY,” blitzing her enemies and beating them to the punch with their rapid-fire bars. Throw in a rapturous electric guitar melody howling in the background and the whole song becomes this scintillating melding of pop-metal mania.


In the music video for “DO U WANNA PLAY,” directed by Tristan Pelletier, Polartropica pulls up to pick up their fellow heist partner. The whole video is a hyper-saturated explosion of color, whether it’s the vibrant costumes of the duo or the excessively green fields that surround the highway all around them. All that technicolor hits you in the face just like the song’s jutting pop detonations. As the video continues, it’s clear both Polartropica and their partner don’t plan on making a quick getaway. Instead, the video cuts between ground level and overhead shots of the gleaming white car — around which one spins on rollerblades while the other takes to the hood.

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Don’t miss out on the Roller Space Disco at The Template in San Diego on Mar. 19!

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Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “DO U WANNA PLAY” the new single from Polartropica below!

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