Sue Clayton (a.k.a. Morgan Kibby) Shares Two New Singles With “Runaway Bride” and “Extraordinary Life”

sue clayton
Sue Clayton by Samantha West

Drifting out of the sun-streaked amber deserts of the southwest they were conceived in, the first two singles from singer/songwriter Sue Clayton arrive as enamoring blends of folk and country. Both “Runaway Bride” and “Extraordinary Life” serve as previews to her forthcoming debut album Rookie which is slated for release on May 5. But the voice behind Sue Clayton is anything but a newcomer — as its actually the latest persona fashioned for herself by songwriter, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Morgan Kibby. The reinvention shifting her away from the pop she created as White Sea towards a far more encompassing swell of genres.


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It all began with a drive out into the California desert and over the course of two weeks she holed up in a roadside motel, whiddling away at her twelve-string in the immense solitude. The kind of intense introspection that environment brings led to some rekindling and Kibby emerged with a new sonic identity that she defined as Sue Clayton. On “Runaway Bride,” she channels all the emotional and spiritual heft that goes into such reimagination over the driving acoustic swell of guitars and strings. “So I crossed a rubicon,” she coos. As the melody ascends she offers in her revitalizing warble a chance at freedom beyond such a terrifying point of no return.


Then there’s “Extraordinary Life,” a quietly intimate stroll through intertwined strums and twinkling instrumentals. Revealing all the ways that Sue Clayton conveys her poignant confessionals — be they these grand orchestral pop ballads or dustily meandering ruminations. “Extraordinary Life” lulls away as the latter, drifting dreamily along to her strident vocals and soft murmurs. It’s opening lines underscoring the tender devastation of her lyricism: “When you share my bed, you share my pain,” she sings. It’s a bittersweet lullaby that affirms a need for empathy and the realization that most people want the same simple thing.

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Rookie the debut album of Sue Clayton will release on May 5.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Runaway Bride” and “Extraordinary Life” the two new singles from Sue Clayton below!

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