Rudy De Anda is Staying Positive in the Face of the Sun on New Single “June Gloom (Smilin’)” — Announces New Album “Closet Botanist”

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Ahead of Rudy De Anda’s new album, Closet Botanist, “June Gloom (Smilin’)” is another breezy single from the LA-based musician that arrives just in time for springtime. Driven by clear 60s surf and psych-rock influences, De Anda impresses solely by his ability to create unapologetically Californian sunshine music in its production and attitude. His voice, in particular, sounds as if he’s coming down from a high on love while still in a woozy daze that complements the overall hi-fi charm of “June Gloom (Smilin’).”


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As the drums roll onto a nice loop great for foot stomping or skipping to the beat, the bassline operating underneath the principal organs makes for some happy-go-lucky harmonies. Speaking of harmonizing, the layered vocals on the song’s chorus feel incredibly inspired by The Beach Boys without coming off as an overt rip-off. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. When speaking on the song, De Anda said, “I’m a ’60s psych-rocker at heart.” He shows his passion for psych-rock toward the song’s end, trading the spring-summer sun glow for hallucinogenic illusions with a wavy, psych guitar solo, bringing things to a satisfying ending.


It might be a surprise to know that the song and every other track on the album was recorded in Texas when De Anda was spending time away from California. Still, most of the songs were written in his home state, which most likely includes “June Gloom (Smilin’)” judging by the 60s sound. And much like those early 60s acts De Anda is inspired by, the formula at play continually works because of how simple it is. In other words, why fix what isn’t broken? The song seems to know this, breezing by and reassuring everyone to keep their heads up and “Just keep on smilin’.”

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Words: David Sosa

“June Gloom (Smilin’)” by Rudy De Anda is out on all streaming services. His upcoming album, Closet Botanist, is out on April 28. For more on De Anda, follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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