Rudy De Anda and Bardo team up for “Couldn’t Seal the Deal”

Musicians Rudy De Anda and Chicano Batman’s Bardo have teamed up for a somber new single, “Couldn’t Seal the Deal” perfect for anyone stuck in a post break up blues. While many singles this summer are all about hyping up the good vibes and taking advantage of those carefree beach days, “Couldn’t Seal the Deal” is the antithesis of a sunny disposition. Slow and methodical, with a lagging backbeat and bass, the song captures the confusion and pain of not anticipating a sudden breakup where one person hits the breaks and leaves their other half reeling. As the song progresses, fuzzy guitars meet echoing vocals.

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“This song is about the abrupt and cold feeling of rejection from a post heartbreak point of view,” notes De Anda. “Bardo wrote these lyrics that would eerily very soon after be a sad premonition in my own personal life.” 

The collaboration for the song started when De Anda was rehearsing in Bardo’s studio. Instantly connecting to De Anda’s grooves, he suggested they record the music. A few weeks later they were recording and Bardo added some of his own lyrics to the song.

“On a different night we got together and got stoned in his studio and he actually wrote the lyrics based off my original lyrics and feelings behind it,” De Anda notes.

The result from the collision of these two young artists is a moody, but not brooding, lamentation about when feelings don’t match up with reality.

“Couldn’t Seal the Deal” is out on Bandcamp via Colemine Records.

For more on Rudy De Anda’s music, make sure to visit his Bandcamp or follow him on Instagram. For more on Bardo’s music, make sure to visit his Bandcamp or follow him on Instagram.

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