Rudy De Anda Shares New Song “Espume” off forthcoming album ‘Tender Epoch’

Rudy De Anda

Rudy De Anda’s upcoming debut album — Tender Epoch — is a beautiful, glimmering sea-foam green surface, like the sun lighting up the ocean. It’s inviting and deep, and diving in gives you a rush of something familiar while being in a completely new place.

With the release of De Anda’s new single, “Espume” the local singer / musician gives us a small taste of the sound he establishes in his debut release. The song is upbeat, progressive, yet feels like you could hear it in your mom’s Saturday morning cleaning mix alongside Juan Gabriel or Joan Sebastian.

De Anda’s new album is heavily influenced by the unusual trekking he did as a very young child and then again as a young adult. Steeped in a nostalgic brew, Tender Epoch combines elements of De Anda’s Mexican culture, Latin American music influences and the roots he planted, growing up in and around the Los Angeles area.

De Anda’s Latin influence in his album range from Argentina to Mexico, and like a drop of peyote in a glass of Jamaica, De Anda includes the gritty and raw elements of some of his American mentors and favorite musicians including The White Stripes and Mars Volta.

“I write my own story, I don’t want to be defined by any scene,” De Anda notes.

Stream Rudy De Anda’s New song “Espume”

As someone who has recently touched base with her roots thanks in part to having Abuelo stay with us during part of this covid-19 lockdown, De Anda’s album reminds me of all the great music I heard growing up thanks to my mom and my Abuelos, and while it definitely has a modern polish that makes it uniquely its own, De Anda does a fantastic job of penning music that really feels timeless through paying homage to cultural sounds but not being tethered to one genre.

De Anda’s debut album drops Sept. 18 via Karma Chief Records. Appearing on the record with De Anda are Chicano Batman’s Bardo Martinez on keyboards for several tracks and De Anda’s childhood friend J.P Bendzinski on guitar.

For more about the album or Rudy De Anda’s music, check out his website or follow him on social media.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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  1. SClikes

    RUDY DE ANDA is a good artist. I have heard a lot about him. I have seen this music video clip for the first time. That’s great!

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