Artists You Should Know: boyhood. Makes Opening Up Look “Easy” on New Soft Electronic Single

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Solely based on the production of singer-songwriter and producer boyhood., his new single “Easy” might seem difficult to pin down from just one listen. After releasing more folksy music under his real name, AJ Jaramaz, later work has shown a more substantial interest in electronic production. That’s not to say the Pittsburgh native has lost his voice underneath a beat that can be described as peculiar in the best sense of the word. If anything, the way “Easy” sprawls outward into a romantic, vulnerable testament shows he’s landed on far more original creative output that shows promise for what the future has in store.


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Clocking in at just two minutes, “Easy” is concise yet contains so many intriguing inflictions on the production that it leaves a lasting impression long after the brief two minutes. The dispersing digitized drum loops across the track are surprisingly easy to follow, guiding Jaramaz through the labyrinthian beat.


His voice, though hushed, reminds of something you might hear on a cloud rap song. Yung Lean comes to mind, but boyhood. compliments the gentler beat rather than disrupts and feels as much of an instrument in the cog as the glitches scattered across the production. It’s a long way from taking piano lessons in his youth and becoming more acquainted with music production when he came to LA for college. Nevertheless, it offers a unique single for how vulnerable it allows itself to be.

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Though he’s been making music for quite some time, Jaramaz primarily works in podcasting. But “Easy” shows the passion for music is too intense to be limited to a hobby. Now based in New York, his recent singles like “Crash” and “Easy” capture a musician getting closer and closer to a sound that’s all his own. And when more music comes down the line, boyhood.’s nostalgia-fueled sound will hit just a little closer to home.


Words: David Sosa

“Easy” by boyhood. is out on all streaming services. For more on new music, follow him on Instagram and Bandcamp.

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