Bahari Gets Lost In The Memory Of Heartbreak On New Single “Kills Me”


Bahari has shared a new song in the form of “Kills Me,” a heartrending new track from the Los Angeles-based duo Natalia Panzarella and Ruby Carr. After releasing their Forget You EP back in 2021 they followed it up with a string of singles that further honed their talent for creating euphoric electro-pop that was unabashedly vulnerable. Including songs like “Ways of Love” and the ecstatic synth ballad “Destructive” that recalls 90’s era pop awe.


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Their latest track “Kills Me” represents just as much a heft of emotion as those prior releases. It’s a song that soundtracks the explicitly unique pain that comes after heartbreak — when all the thoughts flood that remind you of all the ways this person who is no longer in your life was perfect for you. Once more the intimacy shared between Panzarella’s and Carr’s conversational lyricism is the root of the song’s allure. And the duo doesn’t hold back in putting that pain in its starkest terms: “The only memories, they’re gone now / Feel so empty since the day you left me.”


“Kills Me” serves as a reminder that even when they’re not soaring on the back of gleaming electronica, Bahari has no trouble expressing their sorrow through a poignant melody. Their voices echo out of a cavernous soundscape that’s only briefly illuminated by the swell of its chorus and a rapid distillation of beats. It’s all at once haunting and heartbreaking as they find themselves trapped in the cyclical melancholy of reimagining an onslaught of moments with this person who has broken their heart. Excruciating but still somehow lambent with love, “Kills Me” is a touching ode to the memories that linger in the heart.

“It’s basically about the moment when you lose someone like your partner and you reflect on all of the time you spent together,” Bahari explained. “If you could just be with this person one more time, maybe it would be different. Essentially, it reflects on how this person made you feel safe throughout the relationship. We were in this headspace when we wrote it. You get this anxiety after your partner is gone.”

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Kills Me” the new single from Bahari below!

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