The Suffers Tease Deluxe Version Of “It Starts With Love” With A Rework of “Gwan (Cumbia Mix)”

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Houston’s The Suffers are teasing the imminent arrival of the deluxe version of their album It Starts With Love which arrives Jun. 2, sharing a new mix of their song “Gwan (Cumbia Mix)” that adds a Latin flavor to the already enchanting track. The new version also comes with a video that sees the band performing the song live so you can revel alongside them, overtaken by the song’s torrid energy. Originally appearing on the band’s debut EP Make Some Room, they decided it was the perfect opportunity to channel the various cumbia influences that many in The Suffers grew up listening to.


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Led by lead singer Kam Franklin β€” the band includes Michael Razo, Jon Durbin, Edmond Prevost Jr., Nick Zamora, and Jose “Chapy” Luna β€”the new version of “Gwan” remains a sultry expression of desire and passion. “‘Gwan’ is a classic lust song about safe sex, and the joy that comes with practicing it,” she explained of the track’s meaning. As a result, the song already seemed to lend itself to the amorous emotions that cumbia often inspires.

While the band themselves have always occupied this enticing crossroads of genres, whether it be classic R&B and rock or reggae and soul. So cumbia has always been a rather closely adjacent realm that the band was more than poised to broach and the live version reveals just how ready and primed The Suffers were. From its brassy calls and groovy guitar work, “Gwan (Cumbia Mix)” embodies everything that makes cumbia music so beguiling.


The result is a song that fervently stirs your body as much as your emotions. Ingrained in the budding grooves and lush rhythms that emanate from the soulful six-piece band is an ardor of life and love that is hard to ignore or even resist. Especially once those sublimely warm and inviting tones start to enthrall you and Franklin’s voice layers it all with this euphonious beauty. And if you walk away from listening to “Gwan (Cumbia Mix)” with the feeling or desire that The Suffers need to release more cumbia music β€” or at the very least an EP filled with its radiance β€” you’re definitely not the only one.

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The Suffers tour
5/24: New Orleans, LA – Wednesday at the Square
6/24: Mount Solon, VA – Red Wing Roots Music Festival
7/11: New York, NY – Blue Note Jazz Club
7/12: New York, NY – Blue Note Jazz Club
7/14: Westport, CT – The Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts
9/9: St. Louis, MO – Music at the Intersection 2023

Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Gwan (Cumbia Mix)” the new single from The Suffers below!

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