Artists You Should Know: Sunnie Returns With Radiant Third Album “Bloom”


New Jersey-born Sunnie continues to rise through the ranks of R&B/soul artists with the release of their third album Bloom. Her ascension began six years ago with the arrival of her seminal debut Magic and was almost immediately followed by her sophomore effort It’s 2am Somewhere. Both records introduced the world and her ever-growing fanbase to the self-sustained introspection that fuels much of her intimately minded music.


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Whether Sunnie is singing about heartache-fueled insomnia and bouts with anxiety or freestyling on a sultry beat about love, her music is characterized by its unparalleled personability. But there’s also the dulcet vocals she lends to the swelling instrumentals that often fill her songs. Her first two albums are a treasure trove of radiant melodics that — while built on a foundation of nostalgic soul that recalls 90s R&B and pop intersections — is not constrained by it.

On Bloom she pushes lifts her genre-bending to new heights but still finds herself consumed by the captivating reflections her lyricism has to offer. There’s album opener “By a Bell” that finds Sunnie musing dreamily on this feeling that she’s finally awakened and the spellbinding movements of “Wdid,” both of which add effervescent layers to her soulful pop leanings.


“Can’t Wait To Love You” is an absolute standout, framed as it is by the satisfying audio crackling that fills the background of this lush ballad, as if its gleaming melody is being pushed through the scratching spin of a record. While album closer “These Days” strolls along on this sunny guitar riff that plucks its way around Sunnie’s melting cries.

Across Bloom the atmospherics slip in and out of this saturated dream-pop that is made all the more magical by the presence of scattered horns, strings, and a variety of other alluring tones. Here Sunnie’s vocals are at their most ethereal — caught echoing as they are in the whirlpool of warmth that gushes from the album. With three spectacular albums under her belt Sunnie is without a doubt one of the more exciting voices to enter the scene in recent years and you’ll find yourself hard-pressed to resist her mesmerizing creations.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to BLOOM the new album from Sunnie below!

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