AUDREY NUNA is back with a new single, offering up her icy indifference on the frigid bars of “IdgaF.” The song is the first piece of new music the she’s shared this year, following her recent collaboration with Deb Never on their chump change EP and the drop of her titanically hit-filled debut a liquid breakfast back in 2021. Now she’s back with a vicious hype track that goes right for the jugular.


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Against an oscillating trap beat — one that bends and snaps alongside NUNA’s laidback swagger — “IdgaF” drains the haters dry of their indignance. “I don’t give a fuck, if you ain’t me,” she bites against sharp staccato stabs before goading: “What you mad for? What you mad for?” With two middle-fingers up NUNA files her fangs with her razor-sharp nonchalance.

The track reveals a deliciously irreverent side to the 22-year-old artist and rapper. One she previewed a few times on her first album like on the flippantly prickly “damn Right.” But you won’t catch NUNA peering into the rear-view for very long, as she’s gearing up to release bigger projects in the near future.

To that end, she’s thrown herself once again at multi-faceted creative endeavors that don’t just include her music. With “IdgaF” she worked with photographer Louisa Meng to create a dazzling array of editorial-inspired portraits of herself that serve as its music video.

Against a searing white background NUNA appears costumed in seemingly endless variations of herself, each photograph isolating one of her many captivating personas. While all the while her sauntering bravado lays down the perfect soundtrack for such a emphatic introspection. If there was ever a more bitingly resplendent way to signal the arrival of a new era for the barrier shattering artist — we don’t know of it.

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Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Idgaf” the new single from AUDREY NUNA below!

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