Audrey Nuna Deb Never

A collision of rising stars — Audrey Nuna and Deb Never have joined forces on a new collaborative EP titled chump change. But contrary to its name the two songs the duo recorded are anything but a dime a dozen. Nuna and Never flex their fiery bars on both tracks, from bass-thrummer “sardines” to the anxious and inflammatory rock of “multigrain,” the duo come out swinging on chump change.

As quick as lightning and a million times more volatile, the two trade bars between the grinding riffs of “multigrain” with sublime ferocity. For Nuna, who talks about the importance of food in her creative process, the track serves as a multi-layered hype song. “sardines” is no less overflowing with swagger. Never, who has collaborated with the likes of Brockhampton, and Nuna drop their blistering rhymes against drum kit beats and freaky shrieks.

The only bummer about chump change is it’s only two songs long — luckily both artists have recently dropped debut albums for you to toss on repeat. Slip into Nuna’s incredible a liquid breakfast and Never’s Where Have All the Flowers Gone? and hopefully another collaboration between these two stellar artist’s comes sooner rather than later!

Listen to Audrey Nuna and Deb Never’s new singles “chump change” and “multigrain” below.

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