Claim Your “Space” With Audrey Nuna’s Latest Single, Signaling More to Come in 2021

audrey nuna

When you have had it with everyone and everything, sneak away to spend some time with Audrey Nuna’s latest release “Space”. The first generation Korean-American artist has become known for her advanced flow, with sucker-punch singles like “damn Right” and “Comic Sans,” but “Space” shows her range. The newest cut lacks rapping altogether, instead favoring subtle yet seismic production accompaniment. On “Space,” Nuna demands some of her own; watch the cinematic music video below. 

If you didn’t know any of Nuna’s other work, you might be shocked to hear that this is not her primary aesthetic. The opposite is not true—Nuna has been flexing her gorgeous, nimble voice on many of her tracks. While her bars may be influenced by Nicki Minaj, her singing voice feels entirely unique, having been practically weaponized on “Space.” 


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Downtempo production elements surround her like a choir around a preacher in the pulpit. The sermon she delivers is pointed, featuring unforgettable lines like “Sick of the cinema, I’m burning Hollywood/I am the carpenter’s daughter, you know I could.” Whether this is a character or not, the effect of her simultaneously pleading and threatening message is just as potent. 

by: Zoë Elaine

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