There’s always something to behold when it’s hard choosing the right musical genre to classify someone like LUCI, an artist hailing out of North Carolina who’s made a name for herself, drawing from multiple inspirations all different from one another. It’s almost been a year since she debuted with Juvenilia, an experimental EP that showed how eclectic her music could get. “11:11” takes another left-of-center leap, throwing her hat in the ring of best summer singles so far thanks to an infectious dance groove and lyrics for the romantics.


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Underlined by a piano and distant harmonizing on LUCI’s part, the beat’s simplicity is what makes “11:11” perfect for airwaves and broader recognition. LUCI’s vocals are notably laidback, layered atop each other in high and low ranges, which add another texture to an already slicked-back track. The subtle but pivotal bassline is the secret ingredient in the instrumental, guiding the beat along and coinciding with lyrics detailing how LUCI just wants to dance.

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The music video, noticeably taking a more straightforward approach than previous visualizers, finds LUCI at a bar in NYC, where she is based. Soon after, she and a girl hit it off, beginning a night out on the town. During their time out, the two dance wherever they find themselves, taking the song’s message straight to the heart. The vibes alone are enough to earn some appreciation, but it’s the choreography that brings it home, coming off completely natural and never forced.

At the end of the video is a teaser to a new song that, perhaps unsurprisingly, sounds nothing like “11:11” or any other one of LUCI’s songs, for that matter. “We knew we wanted to make something different from the rest of our work together, that’s for sure,” said LUCI on making “11:11,” which also applies to the snippet. Whether or not the teaser is supposed to hint at a bigger project on the horizon remains in the air. What’s certain, though, is that LUCI has a single on her hands that deserves the same amount of attention big name artists get, and that rings true to all her songs released thus far.

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Words: David Sosa

“11:11” by LUCI is out on all streaming services. For more on new music and live performances, follow her on Instagram and TikTok, and catch LUCI at a show near you.

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