With the release of her new single “Trippin Trippin Trippin,”  New York LUCI has finally announced plans to release her debut album Juvenilia this fall on Sep. 23. For those who have been following the rollout of previous singles, the new track is another kinetically and emotionally volatile from the rising artist. On “Trippin Trippin Trippin” though LUCI alternates between voracious vulnerability and heart-wrenching stoicism.


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Expelled with fiery breath her spoken word creations sizzle with a relentless humanism. On “Trippin Trippin Trippin” it takes the form of reconciling betrayal and the end of a romantic relationship — which then snowballs into massive self-doubt. But fear of rejection isn’t exactly a healthy guiding principle.

“You know I be running / Round in my head / Like loose cannon,” she raps over shrieking electrics provided by producer Elias Abid. There’s an anxious urgency to LUCI’s cries as they crackle and howl, propelled as they are by her powerful introspections. But “Trippin Trippin Trippin” is also about moving on from other people’s misunderstandings of who you are to them.

“I am growing and becoming the woman I want to be. I think ‘Trippin Trippin Trippin’ was a transitional moment for sure. I realize it is okay to be misunderstood, as long as you understand yourself and you are active and true to that. Not everyone will love you. Not everyone will believe what you believe. Not everyone has the same dreams, and not everyone will follow them, either.”

Listen to LUCI’s new track “Trippin Trippin Trippin” below!

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LUCI’s debut album Juvenilia is out on September 23. Watch LUCI perform “Trippin Trippin Trippin” live in at the New York City venue the Boiler Room below!

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Words by Steven Ward

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