Los Angeles duo In Velvet have shared another insatiably groovy single with the release of their summertime anthem “Dancing in Daylight.” It’s been a few years since the band — comprised of Izzy Loya and Dimitri Smith — has graced us with a funky track. Their latest is the first new song they’ve shared since dropping back-to-back jams “Taking Off Tonight” and “Come Thru” back in 2020.


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“Dancing in Daylight” heralds the return of In Velvet with a hypnotizing strut of sumptuous bass. Over which they layer their luminous vocals and scintillating guitars to create a song that gushes with visions of summer dance floors on the beachfront.

One that reveals itself in between the synchronized echo of ecstatic hand claps and live wire electric guitar riffs. Irresistibly urging your body and soul to give in to the effervescent energy that bursts and radiates within. Making it an exceptionally timely release with which to soundtrack and soothe another month of sweltering heat with a refulgent new anthem.

Leaning into their mesmeric love of vintage grooves and experimental pop, “Dancing in Daylight” shimmers and sizzles with giddy ecstasy. Revealing a new facet of the band’s fascination with the sounds of decades past.

Splitting the difference between their previously R&B/soul fixated tracks with a corkscrewing melody of sublime tones and textures that might as well be the transmissions of a long-lost funk outfit. With every new release In Velvet continues to establish itself as such beamingly reliable creator of exhilerating and sensuous music.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Dancing in Daylight” the new single from In Velvet below!

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