Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Kanwal has shared his latest single “Tuggin’ Me Back.” The new song serves as the newcomer’s second single after the release of last year’s hybrid confessional track “Potential.” Now he’s back to hone down the sonically kinetic and vociferous style of music he refers to as “rage funk” — an unabashed and gritty mixture of funk, hip hop, pop, and rock.


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In “Tuggin’ Me Back” he directs his fiery ire at the infectious toxicity of a lover whom they just can’t seem to escape. Against a rush of heady and crackling electronics, Kanwal lets his increasingly frustrated revelations surge. “I got a lot of contempt,” he admits as the song’s sauntering melody kicks in. “It’s getting harder to hide.”

The track highlights Kanwal’s inclination toward the cathartic fury that embodies “rage funk.” Wielding all the bizarre and reprehensible emotions we as people typically bottle up, opting to let them corrode us from within rather than finding a healthy way to express or release them. A flurry of raw emotion that’s funneled through a helter-skelter of hook-filled tones and textures.

Everything about “Tuggin’ Me Back” is geared toward this expulsion of deeply buried anger. Kanwal showcases his production chops on the track with its insatiable and irresistible off-kilter beats. Its intensity seared into his scathing lyricism as well as its patchwork of sizzling synths and electric guitar cuts.

“For me, it’s about expressing the sides of myself that other people think are outlandish, or don’t fit together,” Kanwal said of his music. “Rage Funk is also about giving a voice to aggression that, for a long time, I didn’t feel comfortable acknowledging.”

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Tuggin’ Me Back” the new single from Kanwal below!

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