Los Angeles-based LUCYS has unveiled another new song with the release of the lovelorn pop-punk rager “Dream of U.” They will also be playing next month at El Cid in Los Angeles on October 13th with Beach Bums for a Halloween Party. Their latest single takes a couple of bold sidesteps away from the mercurial dream pop that Alexis Villalobos — the artist behind the project — first introduced himself with back in 2017.


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As their third new track of the year “Dream of U” is a thrumming ode to romantic fixations, exploring the borderline-obsessive thoughts and emotions that frantically fill your every waking (and sleeping) moment. One driven by a direly urgent exchange of rabid percussion and a blown-out grind of guitars.

Here, LUCYS trades the swelling spaciousness of their dreamy soundscapes for an equally immersive if not sonically explosive melody. Capturing all the bittersweet and anxious longing that accompanies those moments that sit on the cusp of some new love.

From the whine of its electrifying riffs to the galvanizing energy that exudes from Villalobos’ wistful vocals — the track is as rousing as it is touchingly lucid. His vocals carry the ecstatic weight of his terribly passionate yearning as they drone ceaselessly through the cacophonic haze that erupts from the song. Though it still possesses a magnetic brooding and intimacy that made his bedroom pop soundscapes so spellbinding in the first place.

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See LUCYS at El Cid in Los Angeles on October 13th.

Visit LUCYS on their Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Dream of U” the new single from LUCYS below!

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