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best new indie songs of the month

Grimy Goods’ monthly picks for the best new song releases of the month is the Spotify playlist you need if you love exploring new music. We’re all about supporting indie, underground and lesser-known artists from around the globe, while throwing in a few heavy hitters into the rotation.

Our monthly Best New Songs of the Month playlist features all genres including punk, goth, garage rock, hip hop, psych rock, electronic, indie pop, chill wave, folk, instrumental, shoegaze — you name it.


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Fun Fact: This playlist is not only used by Grimy Goods. We have several friends in music supervision, film & network tv licensing, and booking that follow and stream this playlist to discover new talent. Even other media outlets poach off our playlists to discover new talent! They also follow our submission playlist! So if you don’t make it on our Best New Songs of the Month playlist, don’t worry, you might next time — or someone else might decide to place your music.


How Submit Your New Song:

Follow the directions below to: submit your song to be featured on Grimy Goods’ Best New Songs for the Month Spotify playlist.

  1. Follow our playlist
  2. Add your song to our collaborative Spotify playlist
  3. If your song has been added you will see it on our Best New Songs of the month playlist. You will also get mentioned in our Instagram Stories and possibly an Instagram post — so be sure to follow our ‘Gram.
  4. We DON’T notify you if the songs was added, and please don’t email us about it. Follow the playlist, follow our Instagram — and you can check for yourself.
  5. DO NOT email us an attachment of your track. This is the only way to be considered.
  6. MAKE SURE the song release is consistent with the current month.
  7. DO NOT submit songs from past months
  8. If we REALLY love the song, we will reach out to you for an editorial feature. We first search our inboxes to see if we have received a press release or pitch. No worries if not, we then reach out through the email you have listed on your website or Instagram, or we just slip into your DMs.
  9. If you can’t figure out how to submit via the playlist, GOOGLE IT. Don’t email us that you can’t figure it out. We won’t answer. It super simple.
  10. For all other inquiries, you can contact us via email.

Best New Songs of the Month Playlist Details:

  1. We listen to new song submissions every day
  2. If we really like a song, we add it to our Best New Songs of the Month playlist
  3. We then remove it from the Submission playlist to keep the submissions fresh.
  4. If you don’t see your song on the Best New Songs of the month playlist, please don’t take it personal. Not every song makes it on that playlist! If we added every single song there would be no curation to it. It would just be another free-for-all spammy playlist that you probably get served Instagram ads for on the daily. You know, the kind that says “we’ll add you to best playlists” — those are total scams, btw. Nobody listens to those playlist but the people that submit their own music to them.
  5. After a song has made it to our Best New Songs of the Month playlist, it is then considered for an editorial feature.
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Our Best New Songs of the Month Spotify playlist is updated for every month. New songs are added as they drop; sometimes daily, sometimes weekly. If you loved a particular playlist of the month, visit our “Archive Songs” Spotify playlist folder or the archived blog post.


Social & Blog Promotion

Every week, we share new music via Grimy Goods Instagram Stories and via an Instagram Reel where we share songs featured on our Best New Songs of the Month playlist. Be sure to follow Grimy Goods Instagram for that mention!

We also share the select songs via Facebook and Twitter, as well as a weekly blog post of the latest song additions.

Grimy Goods founder and editor, Sandra Burciaga Olinger curates our Best New Songs of the Month playlist. Additionally, she shares weekly song selects via her personal Instagram account.

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