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The Strokes at Pehrspace (Aug. 22, 2011) – Sean Carnage Six-Year Anniversary Party

The Strokes at Outside Lands 2010 – Photo by Monique Hernandez UPDATE #2: A statement just posted by Sean Carnage: There’s suddenly been a lot of interest in next week’s Pehrspace show, co-starring Clipping (Captain Ahab + Rale), MC Gaff E (from the UK), DJ Baglady and Secret Friends. The headliners were to be a band whose moniker […]

SLAP is all Digital!

They said they’d be doing it and now it’s done! SLAP skateboard magazine has said good bye to paper and hello to digital. Although 16 years of memorable and shocking history has come to an end, an endless shmorgusborg of SLAP reading has begun. I think it’s great! Go green and save money. Cruise on […]

Musicians Turned Filmakers

So I often peep other blogs of common interest and every so often I’ll track them back if it’s of some good. I’m always intersted when it’s a musician turn anything, whether it’s actor, skater, porn star, etc. This time I found a good pick on “Ten Musician Turned Filmmakers.” They picked a cool selection […]

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Johnny Rad Fest Photos

Well, Johnny Rad Fest was pretty damn rad! Props to Tyrone of the Clean Cuts and his buddy Ernie for putting on 4 days of bangin’ music in good ole SD. Can’t beat cool venues like the Tower Bar and The Kensington Club, good shit. The launch ramp BBQ contest was a great way to […]

Streets Is Talking

Oh shit, here comes some more crazy ghetto goods and skating from Ian Reid. Wanna check some raw skating mixed in with a bunch of unusual facets of life set to shock? From cracky characters, thug life, glory holes and hoes …. peep the trailer, “Streets is Talking” below. Shit looks wild. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTiC4mGQbK4]