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Claire McKeown Takes on the Devil and Self-Sabotage with her Heroic Band, Honey Child

This year at the Academy Awards, there has been a concerted effort to honor women and their stories. Reflecting on how many years the Oscars have existed, the attempt still feels inadequate, but it is never too late to strive for better representation for all minorities. One nomination that stood out was a short documentary […]

Song Premiere: EMÆL Emulate Icarus on New Single “The Boy Who Melts the Sun”

The foundation of today’s exclusive premiere is an elegant combination of cello and Greek mythology. “The Boy Who Melts the Sun” is a reimagining of the tale of Icarus by EMÆL (ee-my-el), taken from their forthcoming full-length, Glasswork, and it is chamber pop at its finest. Nothing more accurately describes the future than being engulfed […]

Zoe Elaine |
Ra Ra Riot bring baroque pop grandiose to the Teragram Ballroom

Shuffling out with the crowd onto 7th Street a little after midnight, welcomed by the foggy glow of downtown’s light-pollution, the neon colors Los Angeles seemed to bleed together in the aftermath of Ra Ra Riot‘s riotous performances within the Teragram Ballroom behind us. The shambling crowd stumbled drunkenly into night, eyes glazed over, limbs still twitching in […]