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HUGE Blackbox Lay-off

Now that SKATE 2 has dropped and the money is rolling in, EA’s Black Box decided to lay off more that half their staff last week. The recession is cruel and so are corpo giants. From 350 employees down to some 100+. Ouch! Read more about it here.

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Peep the Cool Soundtrack for "Skate it" and "Skate 2"

Just like skate vids, apparently dope skateboarding video games have a kick ass soundtrack as well. Check out the 52 eclectic songs featured on Electronic Arts’ (EA) up and coming Skate It and Skate 2. From Motorhead, Wu Tang, The Clash, and Louis XIV, you pretty much got a gumbo of goods: Read the full […]

EA's SKATE 2 has Evolved

For all you thrashers and nerdy gamers, Electronic Arts and Black Box unveiled SKATE 2 last Thursday in San Francisco and apparently it’s fuckin surreal. Its evolved in many ways, such as now you can actually get off your board and navigate through San Vanelona in a crazy way. Climb those stairs and grind that […]

Spring Break Yo' Self 2008 Photo Gallery

Check out the party pics from Spring Break Yo’ Self 2008!