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Deafheaven photo
Deafheaven schedule a show at the Glass House as part of their 2014 tour!

This past 2013, Deafheaven blew our minds at the Echoplex when they opened up for Boris back in May (click here for photos). They also releases a gorgeously vicious album (Sunbather) that made it on our best albums of 2013 list. With all this greatness, it’s only natural that Deafheaven embark on a large tour. […]

ARKHUM – “Anno Universum” – Album Review

In a musical world devastated by blatant knockoffs and recycled riffs, it’s always a relief when a band puts out an effort that is essentially a breath of fresh air. The newest effort by Oregon-based outfit ARKHUM, entitled Anno Universum, is exactly that. While not necessarily groundbreaking, it certainly strives to lift the jaded veil […]