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Photos: Claire George celebrates debut album ‘The Land Beyond The Light’ at Junior High, joined by Jadeisdxpe

This past Saturday, Los Angeles-based music artist Claire George, celebrated the release of her illustrious debut album The Land Beyond The Light, out now via Cascine. The post-pandemic concert took place at the beloved, artistic haven known as Junior High — a non-profit 501(c)3 serving artists marginalized by cis-hetero patriarchy, capitalism, and white supremacy. The socially distanced and masked […]

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Claire George shares her emotive new song and video
Claire George shares her emotive new song and video “Northern Lights” — Debut EP Out Today

Claire George — photo by Kkanvas After a devastating loss, a huge fear is losing the memories we held so closely. Slowly the recollections become shattered images of what once was. Claire George’s new single “Northern Lights” deals with the passing of an ex-boyfriend due to substance abuse. Her aim is to capture their shared […]

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