Claire George shares her emotive new song and video “Northern Lights” — Debut EP Out Today

Claire George shares her emotive new song and video

Claire George — photo by Kkanvas

After a devastating loss, a huge fear is losing the memories we held so closely. Slowly the recollections become shattered images of what once was. Claire George’s new single “Northern Lights” deals with the passing of an ex-boyfriend due to substance abuse. Her aim is to capture their shared memories through this stunningly poignant release. Soft feathery vocals float atop luminous indie-pop beats concocting a delicate sound that dances in our minds. The singer reveals, “I wrote ‘Northern Lights’ about someone I loved and lost to opioid addiction. I wanted to eternalize the memories we shared before they became distant or distorted, as they do when you retell or revisit them.  After they passed, they appeared regularly in my dreams. Waking up I would relive the loss and beg for an alternate reality.”


George’s compelling visuals tell a tale of liberating herself from grief and heartache. The video take inspiration from a dream in which she was drawn up the stairs of a house to the attic. An attic is where we store our remembrances and keepsakes and this was her reminder to appreciate the memories. Drenched and fighting to pull her way up, you can feel her strength and determination.

“Northern Lights” follows “Pink Elephants” and “I Promise” and is off her debut album Land Beyond The Light which is out today via Cascine. The album was originally inspired by a 2019 heartbreak but took a much different turn with her ex’s passing. Losing such an important person in her life left her grappling with immense pain. Listeners can really sense that heart-wrenching despair through the beautiful “Northern Lights”.

Catch Claire George live in Los Angeles at Junior High on Saturday, May 22. More info and tickets here. And yes, the show is live and IRL!

Words: Chloe Robinson

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Watch the video for Claire George’s Northern Lights:

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