Photos: Claire George celebrates debut album ‘The Land Beyond The Light’ at Junior High, joined by Jadeisdxpe

Claire George at Junior High

This past Saturday, Los Angeles-based music artist Claire George, celebrated the release of her illustrious debut album The Land Beyond The Light, out now via Cascine. The post-pandemic concert took place at the beloved, artistic haven known as Junior High — a non-profit 501(c)3 serving artists marginalized by cis-hetero patriarchy, capitalism, and white supremacy. The socially distanced and masked concert was in full compliance with CDC guidelines and Los Angeles county regulations, and was a perfect example of how shows can come back in safe and responsible way. Despite the chilly weather outdoors, it was nothing but warmth at Junior High.

With doors opening at 6pm, the inmate crowd was fired up with the opening performance by Jadeisdxpe. Full of spitfire rhymes and lyrics, and quite the charm—Jadeisdxpe delivered all the goods, on point and tight.

Taking the stage at around 7pm, Claire George sparkled on stage (literally). Her soft feathery vocals and luminous indie-pop beats came back to life (IRL) in the most memorable of ways. While her new album holds some heavy themes (“Northern Lights”), her performance was a warm homecoming for those of use venturing out into the Los Angeles live music scene for the first time in over a year.

Check out all the photos below to feel the good vibes.


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Jadeisdxpe at Junior High
Claire George w/ Jadeisdxpe at Junior High
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