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Dan Sadin is Ready to Tell His Own Stories with His New Solo Project, Debut EP out Friday

Dan Sadin is a talented guitarist ready to put his name on his own work after years of recording and touring with other acts. He primarily is known for his role in FRENSHIP, and has also worked with the likes of Sabrina Claudio, Jessie Ware, and MØ, but it is his new solo project that he […]

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Fleetwood Mac rock The Forum like it’s 1979

In order to see Fleetwood Mac at The Forum on Friday night, I had to give up my New Year’s Eve so that someone else would cover my shift on short notice at my full-time job. After seeing them play nearly three hours on the first of two nights at The Forum, I can say […]

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers lay a “Hypnotic Eye” of classic rock ‘n’ roll on fans at The Forum

This past Friday, The Forum in Inglewood hosted a sold-out night with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Schooling the world on how real legends handle a stage, this was the first night of two back-to-back sold-out performances with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Petty’s presence and performance was outstanding, keeping the crowd engaged at all times. […]

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Top 10 Music Documentaries of All Time

What are some good music documentaries? What are your favorite music documentaries? I get asked questions like these all the time from my family and friends and have decided to compile a “Top 10 Music Documentaries of All Time” list. Having seen a plethora of these flicks one-too-many times, I also sought out some expert […]

Is Led Zeppelin Gonna Tour or What?

Well, ever since their December 10, 2007 reunion show in London, there has been a plethora of rumors and speculation in regards to a Led Zeppelin reunion tour. I’m not only speaking for myself when I say, I’d probably vomit out of pure excitement and untamed happiness to witness one of my top 5 musicians […]

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The Battle of the Tryhards

It always amuses me seeing all these kids just barely out of their teens reviving the 60’s and 70’s rock era when Zappa and Captain Beefheart were playing with numerous rock genres. And when I speak of these kids, for the most part they are girls that probably were never really into some of the […]