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Vans Vault Opening at Fred Segal

The good peeps at Vans opened their first ever pop-up shop at this past Thursday, Oct. 23 at Fred Segal in Santa Monica. Doing it right, Vans had a nice open bar providing invitees with vodka, whiskey or the good ole bubly. We gladly ordered some cocktails as we scoped out some of the Vans […]

Vans Pop-Up Store (The Vault) at Fred Segal!

Vans will be opening it’s first pop-up shop, the Vault Shop at Conveyor. Ooooh, fancy! The shit’s at Fred Segal! Running today Oct. 23 – 25, check out the complete collection of Vans by Vault found anywhere. The shop will feature exclusive limited edition product: “We’re excited to announce that we are opening the Vault […]

Cracker Ass Fantastic – Dirt Nasty

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8CN0YseD5E] Since when does a chola look like this? Last time I checked Mi Vida Loca, I didn’t see no ladies look like this white girl. She’s hot, but definitely nothing near a chola. Funny vid, would’ve been a lot mo’ gangsta and “cracker ass” funny had the chick been a straight up choLA. Oh […]

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