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Gangs of Kin
Gangs of Kin Coasts Over Sun-Soaked Indie Rock on New EP “Nature Knows No King”

Nature Knows No King continues Gaerthé’s prolific reign, this time staking his claim as an artist you can rely on for consistently releasing a unique blend of breezy indie rock and art-pop.

gangs of kin
Artists You Should Know: Gangs of Kin Question The Price Of Tech-Omnipotence On “Mass Confusion”

Gangs of Kin has shared a new single from their forthcoming EP Nature Knows No King with the release of “Mass Confusion.” As the project of the artist and songwriter Joël Gaerthé, the band first teased their debut with the lead single “Liquid.” Peddling an enigmatic blend of indie-rock and frenetic pop they’ve only released […]