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Grimy Cartoon- dating people who like shitty music
Grimy Cartoon: Don’t Date Someone Who Likes Shitty Music

You know that awful moment when you find out the person you’re dating, and who you’re totally attracted to (looks wise) listens to shitty-ass music … Damn, what a fucking way to make a boner flaccid or dry up a moist clam. Don’t date someone who likes shitty music, you’ll regret it later. Click here […]

Grimy Goods Cartoon summer bikini2
Grimy Cartoon: Does This Bikini Make Me Look Fat?

After last weekend’s crazy 100+ degree weather in Los Angeles, I think it’s safe to say that summer in L.A. is finally here. Despite the morning May grey and June gloom brought on from the coast, it’s time to bust out those bikinis, work on those tans, and attend the many hotel pool parties, house […]