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Jesse Jo Stark
Jesse Jo Stark continues to feel out her niche of L.A.-based nostalgia-laden rock with “cry on me”

Los Angeles-native Jesse Jo Stark has returned with a rapturous, slow-burner of a single with the release of “cry on me.” Laying on thick the engrossing allure that comes with her smokey vocals, the song follows a heartwrenching narrative that the singer described as “a story about falling in love at the wrong time.” True […]

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Cosmos and Creature
Forecast: 15 Los Angeles Bands / Artists To Watch in 2018

2017 has been an interesting year, a lot of good, and a whole lotta bad. And you know what comes out of some really tough times? Great music. This past year we’ve seen so many Los Angeles acts, especially female-led acts, come into the forefront and reveal their many talents. Each year, Grimy Goods produces […]

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Let new songstress Jesse Jo Stark haunt your ears with her song “Deadly Doll”

Haunting all the way from the seventies Laurel Canyon hideaway that she evokes, femme-fatale Jesse Jo Stark prefers her gloom in the sunlight on her new song “Deadly Doll.” Crawling out from under lush reverb and the hot desert twangs of guitar strings, Stark’s powerful croons tear longingly at her grim atmospherics. Produced by Jason […]