Jesse Jo Stark
Photo by Tom Pallant

Los Angeles-native Jesse Jo Stark has returned with a rapturous, slow-burner of a single with the release of “cry on me.” Laying on thick the engrossing allure that comes with her smokey vocals, the song follows a heartwrenching narrative that the singer described as “a story about falling in love at the wrong time.” True to its pained inspiration “cry on me” is an intoxicating slow-dance through the raw clarity of Stark’s misery, but one that never loses sight of the intense love that lies just behind her heartbreak.

No stranger to excavating the most tender and scarred parts of herself and transforming them into virulent rock pieces filled with ethereal atmospherics, “cry on me” follows the release of four new tracks Stark put out last year. Those songs coalesce on her A Pretty Place to Fall Apart EP a hauntingly honest introspection by the singer/songwriter that’s kicked off by the swooning dark-pop-ballad “Not Your Little Baby Anymore.”

Stark continues to grow in her genre-spanning sound, a blend of which sounds not unlike Bowie meets Elvira. Unsurprising given her upbringing within the rock scene in Los Angeles, Stark sits at a crossroads of Mazzy Star, Fleetwood Mac, and Lee Hazlewood. And as if that’s not enough it’s also in her blood as Stark just happens to be the goddaughter of Cher, and Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols is her uncle. With a full-length record slated for release in 2022, Jesse Jo Stark is poised for a break-out debut that will immerse us further into her soul-stirring universe.

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Listen to Jesse Jo Stark’s new single “cry on me” below!

Jess Jo Stark
Artwork by Dana Trippe