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Dirty Eyes at Echoplex
Walter Lure, The Gears and Dirty Eyes celebrate Johnny Thunders at Echoplex with performances that weren’t “born to lose”

This past Sunday, Part-time Punks hosted a tribute to Johnny Thunders with one of his own bandmates from The Heartbreakers’ original lineup, Walter Lure. Celebrating the infamous Thunders’ birthday, the Echoplex played host to three knock out punk acts: Walture Lure, The Gears and Dirty Eyes. The night started off with the Dirty Eyes, playing […]

"Heavy Profession" by St Helens – Album Review

I must say, I have experienced quite the Aussie summer thus so far. I’ve had three Australian friends in town the past couple months and one is practically living with me! Them Aussies sure can rock and are heaps of fun! With that said, I was super surprised and stoked when I read that St. […]

Sky Saxon – RIP

“I remember the day Darby Crash died. The next day, John Lennon was shot and killed and the world at large didn’t even care that Darby was gone.. sadly, I am now seeing the same thing happen with Sky Saxon, who died this morning….I guess that’s the price you pay when you swim outside the […]

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