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Leikeli47 | Photo Farah Sosa
Leikeli47 fires up the crowd with words of empowerment at The Roxy

If you are into empowered women, strong bold lyrics, self-power and hip hop Leikeli47 is for you. Her sold-out show at The Roxy was full of intensity from the moment she stepped on the stage. Normalizing all kinds of beauty has been in her content and it drove the crowd wild raising their hands up […]

éS Game of SKATE

Well this year’s éS Game of SKATE won’t be taking place at ASR. Instead they have moved the game to the biggest ($$$) skate competition to ever grace the industry. The Maloof Money Cup will be hosting the final Amateur World Championships and Pro Invitational, on July 11-13, 2008 in Costa Mesa, CA at the […]

Sandra B. Olinger |
Jay-Z Ain’t got Nothing on the Stones

What the Fuck! I’m sorry, although Jay-Z is a talented man and people all over the world love his music, ain’t no way in hell is his name’s synonymous with the Rolling Stones. Quoted from the Times Online, April 4, 2008: “I’ve turned into the Rolling Stones of hip-hop,” said Jay-Z, in an interview with […]

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